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Our story began 10 years ago when our 6 month old son had anaphylaxis to milk-based formula, mixed with rice cereal. He went on to develop multiple life threatening food allergies during his first few years of life and we continue to manage these allergies today. He is a brave boy and my inspiration behind this company.

Throughout the years, I tried many products to support our [allergic living] needs and most were functional, but far from current. Stylish awareness items for food allergies didn’t exist. I wanted to change that.  

In 2015, I founded Allergy Mom Depot to offer a fresh, stylish take on living with food allergies. We began with two simple awareness products--a teal door hanger and teal ribbon bracelet. They immediately resonated with allergy moms all over the world and I received many emails supporting our products and our mission. Our products give allergy moms a way support their loved ones with allergies and funnel their passion into advocacy and awareness.

Our community has grown into tens of thousands of passionate allergy parents and grandparents. Our products now include jewelry, clothing and accessories.  

Finally, we are proud to donate 2% of our net proceeds to charities working toward finding a cure for food allergies. Thanks for being here. We're sincerely glad you are a part of our journey.

Allison Purvis, CEO & Founder

Allergy Mom Since 2007

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