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Nobody ever plans to become a food allergy mom, it just happens. My passion for food allergies and desire to help raise awareness and find a cure for my son, propelled me to launch Allergy Mom Depot in the Fall of 2015.

When I had my son, he went on to develop multiple food allergies during his first few years of life. It was hard, and sometimes frustrating. I managed as best I could with the limited products on the market. Most did the job, but none of them really excited me. And they were far from being stylish. After years of carrying around unattractive bags and gear, it started to feel as if I was forced to settle with average, lackluster products. It became clear that there was a void in the allergy world for stylish products that were a blend of style, function and awareness.

I founded Allergy Mom Depot to bring a fresh, fun, and stylish take on managing food allergies and other allergic conditions. I wanted to give passionate allergy moms like myself a way to promote awareness and express themselves in a stylish way. Allergy Mom Depot products aim to inspire and uplift allergic families, while offering a sense of unity and hope. I also wanted to offer a marketplace for allergy moms to find other current, allergy-friendly products. We are working to expand our product offering to bring you the latest and greatest products. Allergy Mom Depot is working to redefine the #allergymom lifestyle.

Finally, we are proud to donate a percentage of our proceeds to charities working toward finding a cure. Thanks for being here. We're sincerely glad you are a part of our journey.

Allison Purvis, CEO & Founder

Allergy Mom Since 2007

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